Chaplin Pay in 2013

 Our Reference: FoI 86670December 2013

Freedom of Information Request

You asked for the following information from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ):

  1. How many imams or Islamic ‘pastors’ (or the equivalent of) are employed in the prison system?
  2. How much do they get paid?
  3. What is their expense allowance and details of the expenses that have been claimed in the past year
  4. Details (itineraries and costs) of any foreign travel taken or field trips undertaken in the past five years.

Your request has been handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

I can confirm that the department holds some of the information that you have asked for, and I am pleased to provide this to you.

Q1   Please note that we have interpreted imams or Islamic pastors as Muslim Chaplains. As at 30th September 2013, there were 80 Full Time Equivalent Muslim Chaplains directly employed in public sector prisons in England and Wales.

Q2.   All employees recruited to the Chaplaincy prior to 1 April 2012 would have joined NOMS as either Chaplain Payband 1 or Chaplain Payband 2.  Their grade would have been dependant on the range of duties and the coverage of their role.  The salary for staff in Chaplain Payband 1 currently ranges from £29,307 to £36,703; that for Chaplain Payband 2 ranges from £25,789 to £32,241.  Depending on an individual’s geographical location, they may also qualify for a Local Pay Allowance (LPA).  In addition to their basic salary, Chaplain Payband 1 staff working unsocial hours would also qualify for a Required Hours Addition (RHA) payment of £5,529 per annum.  

NOMS introduced new pay and grading structures with effect from 1 April 2012. The majority of Chaplaincy staff joining NOMS on or after this date will have been recruited to a Band 5 position.  There is also a new Band 7 position as Managing Chaplain.  Local Pay Allowance does not apply in the new structures, as Zonal pay values have been introduced.  Details of the minimum and maximum pay values for Band 5 and Band 7 staff in each Zone are shown below, together with information about the arrangements for payment of unsocial hours working and RHA where applicable. 

Zone – Band 5MinimumMaximum
Outer London£26,460£30,210
Inner London£27,605£31,510

Note: If the individual is required to work unsocial hours then they will receive an additional payment (17% on top of base salary)
Zone Band 7 MinimumMaximum
Outer London£33,185£41,645
Inner London£34,220£42,945

Note: If the individual meets the criteria for RHA then they will receive an additional payment (15% on top of base salary)

Where there is no requirement to employ a full-time Chaplain (of any faith), establishments may make arrangements at a local level to employ Chaplains on a sessional basis.  Sessional Chaplains are not directly employed by NOMS, they are fee-paid and receive expenses as appropriate.  Their hourly rate will depend on where they are located.  The current hourly rates are: £12.51 (National); £14.02 (Outer London); £14.27 (intermediate); and £14.93 (Inner London).

Q3 The total expenses claimed by this group equal £31,579 between 2010 and 2013 and I also attach the details of the relevant expenses rates for NOMS staff.

Q4    With regard to question 4, you asked for details (itineraries and costs) of any foreign travel taken or field trips undertaken in the past five years.  

I can confirm that the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) does not hold the information that you have requested centrally since there is no legal, or business requirement for them to do so.

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