The Role of Mosque Committees

The mosque committee has a large role to play.  If the committee members fulfill their duties and obligations to their fullest extent, then the community will be much better off.  Committe members must have the following characteristcs:

  1. They must be of high moral and ethical stature.  A member must be of good standing in the community and a role model to those around him, for it is good manners that affect people most.  Our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh was described by Allah in the Quran: “And indeed, you are of a great moral character.” 68:4.
  2. Committee members must be vigilant at inspecting the needs of mosque-goers and try to offer help, either in the form of material help or in the form of counseling.  They should help the youth of the community, by offering guidance and even finding them opportunities when needed by linking them up with Muslim business owners and Muslims in positions of power.  They should be active in resolving conflict between neighbours, family members and between husbands and wives.  
  3. The committee must support the Imam by not pressuring him and understanding his worldly needs.  Ensuring that the Imam’s needs are fulfilled is crucial as it ensures that the he can fulfill his role effectively.
  4. The committee members must be chosen from the group of Muslims that frequents the mosque because they represent them.
  5. The committee members must consult with the community on the decisions they make.  Treating people with aggression and harshness and not consulting with them make people not want to come to the mosque.
  6. The committee must respect the prominent members of the community and treat them in a way that reflects the love and respect the community has for them.
  7. The community should invite local Muslim business men to monthly meetings to take advantage of any support they may be able to offer.
  8. Trying to encourage the community to work together for the benefit of the mosque, and the entire community.
  9. The committee’s role is not merely to gather and spend funds.  I am not saying that fundraising is not important, but it must not distract us from the main purpose the mosque’s Dawa role in the community.  

It is also important for us to remember that the mosque committee does not own the mosque.  Mosques are the houses of Allah.  No one, not even the imam, has the right to prevent someone from entering the house of Allah.

The Imam Malik was once told, that there are people in Yemen that close the doors of their Mosque.  Imam Malik replied: Are they insane?

Muslims are required to resolve their conflicts through dialogue and seeking the counsel of the wise members of the community.  They must not elevate tension between them and it is not permissible for them to make the mosque an arena of conflict between them.
May Allah bless our community with people that work together for the betterment of all Muslims

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