Those who expect the Ulama to work for free

After this post a lot of people will brand me as a Dunya Daar (money grabbing) Alim.

I don’t care because I know a lot of Ulama are shy to speak.

Those who expect the Ulama to work for free, my request to them:

1 – If you have a business. Fix one day a week (not every day) to give your products out for free.

2 – If you are working for someone. Tell them once a week you will work for free with no pay.

3 – If you are skilled, announce that once a week I will give my service for free. No charge.

Is Fee Sabilillah only for the Ulama and no one else?!

Before you degrade the Ulama, let me tell you of what one Alim’s schedule is.

• He teaches children for 4 hours (that’s his earning, which according to some is Haram).

• Besides this, he answers questions every day for at least 2 hours, for free.

• Does counseling for free.

• Deals with family problems and advises for free.

• Organises funerals for free.

• Performs Nikah for free.

• Teaches elders for free.

• Has no visiting times, anyone is welcome at any time.

• Even helps find Rishtas for free.

Much more…. always on call.

But after all this is criticised as Dunya Daar!


The Words of a “Alim” , Which i am sure , Many Ulama will agree with.

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