Those who expect the Ulama to work for free

September 13, 2021
After this post a lot of people will brand me as a Dunya Daar (money grabbing) Alim. I don’t care because I know a lot of Ulama are shy to speak. Those who expect the Ulama to work for free, my request to them: 1 – If you have a business. Fix one day a

Islamic Business Ethics

June 30, 2021
Lecture | Business Ethics in ISLAM | Business Morals | Mufti Menk | Islamic Further reading below. ‘THE ISLAMIC ETHIC is expressed in terms on the immanent presence of God in the earthly affairs of man. His Omnipotence imbues material reality with normative content. Both God’s law expressed in the Qur’an and Sunna and the objective circumstances in which man must

Prophet Mohammed – The Perfect Entrepreneur

June 30, 2021
Prophet Mohammed – The Perfect Entrepreneur As  a prophet,  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught people to follow ethical standards in their daily lives. This includes trading, business transactions and entrepreneurship. The ethical values he followed are clearly noted in the Quran. “When a sale is held, say, “There’s no cheating.” (Book: Al-Bukhari). “Be careful of excessive

The Role of Mosque Committees

June 27, 2021
The mosque committee has a large role to play.  If the committee members fulfill their duties and obligations to their fullest extent, then the community will be much better off.  Committe members must have the following characteristcs: They must be of high moral and ethical stature.  A member must be of good standing in the community and

Chaplin Pay in 2013

June 27, 2021
  Our Reference: FoI 86670 December 2013 Freedom of Information Request You asked for the following information from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ): How many imams or Islamic ‘pastors’ (or the equivalent of) are employed in the prison system? How much do they get paid? What is their expense allowance and details of the expenses

How Much Should Islamic Clergy Make?

June 27, 2021
bnabeeOmar blogs about organizational development at the Muslim Strategic Initiative. This article was initially posted there and is cross-posted here with a new epilogue. Slate raised the issue of the salaries of religious clergy highlighting salaries of Priests and Rabbis. Data about Imam salaries was (un)surprisingly hard to find. The topic of imams’ salaries is

British Imams amongst the most poorly paid

May 26, 2021
There has been ongoing debate over the past decade or so about the need for better imams in British mosques. MuslimView has recently approached several imams employed in UK mosques to find out how much they are paid. The figures have been shocking. Many imams are provided with accommodation by the mosque that is employing