About Us

MosqueSupport.org.uk has been created as an easily accessible online portal serving as a voice, information and career placement initiative aimed at prospective Islamic leaders, Imams, Chaplains, Alims, and Aalimah’s. We aim to provide the necessary information to aspiring Muslim leaders that will enable and encourage them to become the future beacons of the communities they serve.

We endeavour to showcase positive Islamic content and share the thoughts and ideas of Islamic thought leadership both here in the UK and across the wider Muslim world. We aim to show that Imams and Islamic Leaders are willing and able to comment on a variety of different issues affecting the Muslim community today.

Our dedicated Job Page has been created to provide a method of matching imams with possible job vacancies. Imams looking to be hired can look for open positions and apply for a position of their choice, or alternatively submit a general application. Mosques, Madrassas and other potential employers can also post their own vacancies here.

Please note that the words and opinions expressed by Imams, Scholars and Aalimah’s via the MosqueSupport.org.uk platform are their own and do not reflect the opinions of MosqueSupport.org.uk. MosqueSupport.org.uk does not endorse the sentiments or actions of any individual. MosqueSupport.org.uk platform desires only to showcase the diversity of Islamic thought.

The Team

Made up of a handfull amount of contributers ( Molanas , Imams & Volunteers ) Mosque Support Writers