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Internal problems the Imam and Trustee Committee can not work together

Title: I am from England, the masjid I am affiliated with has a lot of internal problems the Imam and Trustee Committee can not work together

Question: I am from England, the masjid I am affiliated with has a lot of internal problems the Imam and Trustee Committee can not work together the Imam believes he is above the Trustee Committee vice versa the Trustee committee believe that they employ the imam and pay his salary therefore the imam should comply with them and abide by their policy. The committee consist of 15 people elected at elections by the paying members the committee believe they have been given the mandate by the members hence they are the whole and sole decision makers for the masjid. Can you please clarify this for us, if the Imam or Committee is above each other? And who governs who?

Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim !

(Fatwa: 1123/942/B=1433) The thinking of Imam and Trustees is wrong. The thinking of both is against humility and thus the problem shall persist between them forever. The Imam should consider himself as the servant of namazi and the Trustees should consider themselves as the servant of the mosque. None should think oneself superior. It is arrogance and it can throw a person in hell. The rules which the Committee has laid down earlier all of you should abide by them.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,

Darul Uloom Deoband, India

Mosques running for many years with a big amount of saving , but not willing to pay the staff a real living wage .

Most Mosques who have newly been built or open to the public have to rely on funds and loans as a charity. The costs to setup, build, running costs and many other expenses puts that mosque or madrasah in dept for many years.

Due to various reasons, it can be difficult for the mosque to be able to afford paying for full time permanent staff (Imam, Teachers, or any) the real living wage according to the country & Hours of work, which is rightly due to them.

Mosques rely on the committee members to decide on different tasks to help run the mosques services, Prayers, functions, and other responsibilities including deciding on a wage for the staff. In many cases the Mosques members set a very low wage for staff, including Imams. Mainly due to now following inflation and living costs increases in the pay by law (Paying the same wage from the 1990’s) to who would except it. Most Imams are shy and due to many reasons (Struggling to find a job, financial difficulties, etc) except the pay rate and later regret it.

Many mosques can afford to comfortably pay £30000 a year wage, which have access of £100000+ in the Mosque account, which have been running for years and has many regular donations, but due to greediness, don’t like to part with money. ” Which is One of the biggest tests for this Ummah!”

Allah Knows Best who and who don’t fall in this category.

May Allah guide them to the right path & help correct their actions, those who do not fulfill the rights of their employees & make it difficult for, our Ulema & the work of teaching & spreading Islam, Ameen!

فَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ مَا اسْتَطَعْتُمْ وَاسْمَعُوا وَأَطِيعُوا وَأَنفِقُوا خَيْرًا لِّأَنفُسِكُمْ وَمَن يُوقَ شُحَّ نَفْسِهِ فَأُولَٰئِكَ هُمُ الْمُفْلِحُون

So fear Allah what you are able and listen and obey and spend; (it is) better for yourselves. And whoever is saved (from the) greediness (of) his soul, then those they the successful ones.

 Ayah at-Taghabun (Mutual Disillusion, Haggling, The Cheating) 64:16

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best.